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Jesus' Outsider

The Jesus’ Outsider Podcast is for everyone but tackles the subjects that the most churches avoid. That’s the other part of the mission. As outsiders, we can discuss topics that sitting pastors may not feel comfortable discussing.

Our mission is to bring these challenging subjects and more to the Body of Christ at large. We want to see people set free from the bondage of sin and from the stigmas of being outside of what society considers normal. Our central scripture is Isaiah 61:1-3 focusing on “binding up the broken hearted, setting the captives free, and proclaiming liberty to those in prison.”

Apr 30, 2012

WARNING! POTENTIALLY DOCTRINALLY OFFENSIVE CONTENT! TOES WILL BE STEPPED ON! There are great dangers in seeking God with preconceived notions of what you'll find when you find Him. It is possible to not only fall short on your aim but to overshoot where He is and find yourself in strange territory thinking it's God.

Apr 27, 2012

When does it become necessary to stand up to government and cultural persecution? Deciding which battles to fight is vitally important and so is understanding the past. With the election season upon us, we are discussing these topics in earnest. Answers are needed.

Apr 25, 2012

Abortion is one of the most contentious issues of our day. Most Americans believe that it's wrong, at least according to most Gallup polls. If we are to bring something to the debate, we have to decide what that is. If we want to end the death, there is a better way to do it.

Apr 23, 2012

Name that tune! Does it really matter what style the music you listen to is? Isn't Christian Rock just secular music with changed lyrics? If so, how long has this been going on?

Apr 20, 2012

In honor of my son reaching legal manhood (if we were Jewish, that is), I am fulfilling his request for another Real Men episode. Today: What has happened to men that the horror of Mantihose has been unleashed upon our world? Where have all the Real Men gone? The messages our culture sends to young men and the effects...