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Jesus' Outsider

The Jesus’ Outsider Podcast is for everyone but tackles the subjects that the most churches avoid. That’s the other part of the mission. As outsiders, we can discuss topics that sitting pastors may not feel comfortable discussing.

Our mission is to bring these challenging subjects and more to the Body of Christ at large. We want to see people set free from the bondage of sin and from the stigmas of being outside of what society considers normal. Our central scripture is Isaiah 61:1-3 focusing on “binding up the broken hearted, setting the captives free, and proclaiming liberty to those in prison.”

Nov 30, 2012

Everytime we read about amazing moves of God from history or around the world, we ask ourselves, "Why not here?" Answers are not always easy. What will it take to come to the place where we have a leader who, like the newly elected president of Uganda, repent of his personal and the national sins and dedicate this...

Nov 28, 2012

(From the Foundational Truth Archive) Our young women are receiving very different messages than we would like. Instead of being shown how amazing they are, these girls are bombarded with images and indeas that their greatest worth is in their bodies. These are the consequences.

Nov 26, 2012

The rules have changed and not really for the better. After fifty years of propaganda, can we turn the tide and see not only real men but real women too, each living out their lives in obedience to the Lord.

Nov 21, 2012

(From The Foundational Truth Archive) When Thanksgiving comes upon us each year, we take time to remember all the good things in life. Perhaps, a life of gratitude is so much more.

Nov 19, 2012

(From The Foundations Archive) What happens when all the gods in our lives fail us? Then are truly stuck with only one God.