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Jesus' Outsider

The Jesus’ Outsider Podcast is for everyone but tackles the subjects that the most churches avoid. That’s the other part of the mission. As outsiders, we can discuss topics that sitting pastors may not feel comfortable discussing.

Our mission is to bring these challenging subjects and more to the Body of Christ at large. We want to see people set free from the bondage of sin and from the stigmas of being outside of what society considers normal. Our central scripture is Isaiah 61:1-3 focusing on “binding up the broken hearted, setting the captives free, and proclaiming liberty to those in prison.”

Feb 27, 2014

The Breastplate of Righteousness is one of the most important pieces of our armor as Soldiers in the Army of the Lord. It's also one of the least understood. It's time to clear up some misconceptions and get to the truth about it's nature and what it protects.

Feb 24, 2014

Truth is under attack, especially spiritual truth. The battleground is set before us and understanding how we are both protected by the Belt of Truth and strengthened by it is essential to being a Good Soldier in the Army of The Lord. We must know truth and how it sets us free.

Feb 20, 2014

If we're going to win the real war, we need to learn how to be The Good Soldier in the Army of The Lord. There is no greater calling but it isn't easy. Perhaps it's time for spiritual boot camp.

Feb 17, 2014

What does it really benefit the enemy if the church is divided? What makes him tremble? How does the cult of rugged individualism affect our ability to fight effectively as the army of the Lord?

Feb 13, 2014

If we're busy fighting each other, we can't fight the right war. There are principles of warfare we must be aware of because they're being used against us. Know them and the real enemy, and we will be victorious.