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Jesus' Outsider

The Jesus’ Outsider Podcast is for everyone but tackles the subjects that the most churches avoid. That’s the other part of the mission. As outsiders, we can discuss topics that sitting pastors may not feel comfortable discussing.

Our mission is to bring these challenging subjects and more to the Body of Christ at large. We want to see people set free from the bondage of sin and from the stigmas of being outside of what society considers normal. Our central scripture is Isaiah 61:1-3 focusing on “binding up the broken hearted, setting the captives free, and proclaiming liberty to those in prison.”

Mar 31, 2016

Yet another Pew research poll shows that more women are in church and consider faith to be an important part of their life than men. This likely isn't much of a surprise to most. There are reasons for certain and there are also possible solutions.

Mar 24, 2016

In the last episode, I asked the question, "Is our frog cooked?" This is the answer. We are called to be different, a holy people set apart for the Lord's good pleasure. The path back is set before us. It's up to us to take it.

Mar 21, 2016

We all know the idiom about how to cook a frog. The question is, is our frog already cooked?  The sexualization of culture has progressed unchecked for a long time and has had a huge impact on the church whether we want to admit it or not. If you don't believe me, tune in to today's episode. Tie-in for the upcoming...

Mar 17, 2016

Those who do not understand the past are doomed to repeat it. Studying the past can prevent today's mistakes. The church is no different. Our past, good and ill, is important to understanding our course. Think today's blend of politics and faith are new? Think again.

Mar 14, 2016

We live in a world of "meh" and we tolerate it. No, that's not true. We lift the mediocre on our shoulders and celebrate them. Need proof? Listen and find out the truth, if you think you can handle it. From the archives.